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Save Diffs

Please add the feature where I can save diffs, such that, when I tap on the saved diff file, I would be presented with the diffs in Kaleidoscope.

Priceless APP for anything ‘diff

Love this app, looking forward to future releases. Thanks Dev.!

So Far - all it does is crash

This is exactly what I need - but all it does is crash. Never had this problem with anything purchased here before. I now will spend a lot of time contacting Kaleidoscope Support. Not a good experience.


This App is a must have! Thanks for Jury for it!

Ive tried most of them...

… but Kaleidoscope ist the most beautiful, simpliest to use, but still powerfull file merge application. OK, it is (with the original price) rather expensive, but Ive got the chance to buy it with 50% discount. It is a great tool, and it will save you a lot of hustle.

no "ignore whitespace"

a great looking up, and seems to be really great for images -- but for text comparison? There is no switch to ignore whitespace. So if you have a reformatted source code file you are unable to see the important differences among all the "noise". This is such a basic requirement that I cannot give more than two stars

Excellent & powerful visual file & folder diff / merge done beautifully

Ive been using a competing product for several years, but after putting the free Kaleidoscope trial version (available on the publishers web site) through its paces, I came away very impressed. This is one very slick application. All of the expected diff & merge functionality is present, works as expected (or better in some cases). Its fast, intuitive and very elegant to look at. Together with Xcode, SourceTree & GitHub, Kaleidoscope is sure to become an indispensable part of my developer toolset. Even at 70$, it would be a bargain (the competing product I used is much more expensive). At 35$, its a downright steal!!!

sandboxed version has poor git integration support

The sandboxed version offered at the app store will not automatically configure it’s self for GIT. You will be forced to muck about by hand with the .gitconfig However the version you buy directly from the vendor does integrate with GIT. Once integrated the tool appears to be working very well.

Super DIff Tool

Kaleidoscope has become an indespensible part of my flow. Makes diffing and merging very easy. Great integration with Git. Best $70 I’ve spent.

Great app but it crashes constantly

This app is great but its contantly crashing when sitting idle in the background. The developers have been mostly non-responsive about fixing the issue despite sending dozens of crash reports as they requested. Its been almost a year since the last update to the application.


日本語がちゃんと表示され、使いやすく、git-mergetoolへの設定もすぐに出来る。 LOCAL、REMOTEからマージができる。 BASEも含めてくれれば最高だったんだけどな。

Awesome comparsion application

Swift, beautiful and functional. One of those rare nowadays apps which concentrate on user experience. Little too expensive but I don’t regret buying it.

Amazing, welcome to the App Store!

Great app, now this is powerful merge tools. There is one wish, add the separate save documents, but not all at once. For example, as is done in the Araxis Merge - ⌘1, ⌘2. Thank you!

The best diff/merge tool for OS X

Great app! Please, add "ignore files by mask" option for folders diff view (for example, compiled "*.o" or "*.pyc" files dont need to be viewed).

As a LaTeX user, this app really helps my work.

When I revise LaTeX manuscripts, this app shows the difference between the original and revised version in a way that is not only fancy, but also easy to understand. I am really satisfied with this app.

Finally a GUI diffing program made for OS X.

This diffing tool stands head and shoulders above anything other diffing tool for OS X. It performs, looks, and feels like a true OS X application, unlike its competitors. Great buy.

Great app!

Great application and huge time saver.

Needs more control over text file diff operations

So far my biggest gripe is that it has no way to set the diff to ignore white space changes, in paricular this is very annoying when dealing with code format changes. To match the power of other tools it really needs a way to set diff options based on file type, so ignoring indentation changes in java/c but show them in python. Additionally It really needs to support direct edit of text files during merge instead of just block copy. When merging code conflicts it is frequently the case that you need to hand edit, taking elements of both changes. It is other wise a very nice looking diff tool, that will hopfully get improvements to make it more useful in a development environment.

An excellent synchronizer

Ive used many similar products, and Kaleidoscope is beautiful, both in power and ease of use. The visual feedback is the best Ive ever seen. - one enhancement request: Id like to be able to filter out file types and leave them untouched, like .svn files. If this feature is already there, I havent been able to find it

desperately needs improvements

when Im browsing through massive commits, with thousands of files, there is no way to search between these files, by name, or by changed string, even ability to sort the file list is absent. This is really frustrating Paying $70 for an app which doesnt have even simplest search in its own data is intolerable

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